Automation for Protein Crystallization

The determination of 3-D protein structure has historically been a tedious and costly task. During the 80's and 90's, new methods were developed for parallel expression and cleanup to shorten the production process of proteins. Further advances have allowed the running of parallel experiments for the characterisation and analysis of protein crystal structure.

 Screening for the optimum crystallisation conditions is well documented and has been automated on pipetting robots, however, in order to use only small amounts of protein and yet run a large number of crystallisation processes, novel technologies needed to be employed.


Zinsser Analytic

 Zinsser Analytic GmbH, with headquarters in Germany, manufactures systems and tools for Drug Discovery, Liquid Handling, Powder Handling, Automated Weighing, and Organic Synthesis that provide innovative laboratory solutions for modern drug discovery, material science and combinatorial chemistry.

CRISSY® - Automation Platform for Polymorphism & Crystallisation Studies


Zinsser Analytic has developed the CRISSY®, an automated liquid and powder handling platform, as a solution for the tedious and time-consuming process of polymorph screening.

The CRISSY® is a specially designed workbench for the preparation and crystallisation process by automating the steps using different solvents, concentrations, temperature gradients, agitation, pH-measurement, filtration and controlled evaporation. It is also possible to carry out an array of re-crystallisation on the salt crystals.

Automating the crystallisation is not only time-saving but it increases the quantity of salts being crystallised and minimises the risk of destroying the crystal structure when presenting it to the x-ray. The reliability of the instrument means that the process can be run in an uninterrupted manner and the controlled liquid handling, heating and cooling cycles ensure reproducible and consistent results.

ProCrys – automation for the preparation of screens & crystallisation plates


ProCrys 2002 is the turnkey solution for sample preparation for protein crystallisation. It combines a liquid handling platform for the fast preparation of the buffer solutions with a low-volume dispenser for the preparation of the crystallisation plates and a plate sealer. First the preparation of the buffer solutions, the source plates are filled with stock solutions using the ZINSSER sorting software.

This software not only calculates the required volumes for a given target concentration but it also optimises the entire dispensing process to save time. To prepare the crystallisation plates, a low-volume dispenser with a separate protein channel has been integrated. The buffer solutions are transferred from the deepwell plate to the crystallisation plate in one step with a special 96-well dispensing head. The protein is added through the separate protein channel using the SynQuad technology for non-contact dispensing.

Finally, the plates are sealed on the integrated plate sealer which seals the deepwell plates as well as the crystallisation plates.

Automated Protein Crystallization of membrane proteins with ProCrys Meso


The ProCrys Meso has been developed for membrane proteins in lipidic mesophases. The ProCrys Meso is a new liquid handling platform for the preparation of 96 in-meso (or cubic phase) proteins. It offers accurate and precise dispensing of the protein and the screening solution and also can be used to prepare your own screening solutions on the workbench instead of using the more expensive commercial kits. An integrated module ensures the ideal humidity conditions for the process. Clever tools have been incorporated to set up a run more easily, including precise and reproducible dispensing of the mesophase.

ProCrys Meso not only increases the throughput and the reproducibility of the experiments, it also reduces costs.

The ProCrys Meso has the following features:

  • 1 meter liquid handling platform with 2 pipetting arms
  • Accurate and precise dispensing of the protein and the screening solution
  • Preparation of own screening solutions on the workbench
  • An integrated module ensures the ideal humidity conditions for the process
  • Precise and reproducible dispensing of the mesophase
  • Positioning of the protein is controlled by a high precision laser. The
  • Sensor controlled shape and travel length of the needle of the protein dispenser.
  • Software automatically adjusts the coordinates of dispense height and position in the
  • well to the reading of the laser and needle sensors
  • WinProCrys software allows maximum flexibility of method development
  • Work lists can be imported from Excel® or the customer’s LIMS system
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