Universal Gas Analyzers

UGA100/200/300 - 100 amu, 200 amu and 300 amu systems

The Stanford Research Systems UGA series Universal Gas Analyzers are state-of-the-art bench top mass spectrometers that operate from above atmospheric pressure to UHV. They are ideal for on-line monitoring and analysis of gas mixtures. Whether you’re measuring trace-level contaminants, solvents, hydrocarbons, refrigerants or corrosive gases, your UGA analyzer is up to the task.


UGA applications include semiconductor exhaust gas monitoring, glove box analysis, fuel cell studies, Freon detection, pollution monitoring, fermentation studies and general R&D vacuum analysis.

 Gas Analyser

The UGA system uses a two-stage pressure reducing inlet to sample gases at atmospheric pressure. After the pressure is reduced to around 10−6 Torr, the gas stream is sent to a mass spectrometer (residual gas analyzerRGA) which measures the concentration of each mass of interest.

The UGA Windows software provides a graphical user interface for complex graphing and data analysis. The software also allows remote control of the system’s valves, heaters and pumps.

For gas sampling in the range of 10−1 to 10−4 Torr, the vacuum inlet assembly is used. Simply attach a 2.75" CF to 1/4" tube adapter to one of the CF ports, and adjust the length of the tube for the inlet pressure.

Direct access to the RGA is provided for UHV applications (<10−4 Torr). Any of the 2.75" CF ports of the vacuum inlet assembly can be used to connect to your vacuum chamber.

Separate diaphragm pumps are used to handle the bypass flow and backing of the turbo pump. This architecture allows corrosive gases (chlorine, fluorine, etc.) to be analyzed without damaging the RGA and turbo pump, and virtually eliminates the problem of back streaming. Measuring high concentrations of low mass gases (hydrogen, helium, etc.) is no longer a problem.


 Optional Multi-capillary inlet port


                Optional Multi-capillary inlet port

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