Dietary Fiber Analysis

Total Dietary fiber (TDF), which is the indigestible portion of plant foods, has two main components:

  • Soluble Dietary Fiber (SDF), which dissolves in water and is readily fermented in the colon into gases and physiologically active byproducts.
  • Insoluble Dietary Fiber (IDF), which does not dissolve in water, and can be metabolically inert and provide bulking or prebiotic, metabolically fermenting in the large intestine.


The AOAC Official Method 991.43 is an Enzymatic-Gravimetric Method for the analysis of Total Dietary Fiber (TDF), Soluble Dietary Fiber (SDF), and Insoluble Dietary Fiber (IDF) in processed foods, grain and cereal products, fruits and vegetables.


ANKOM TECHNOLOGY Advanced Filter Bag Technology

ANKOM Technology is the developer of Advanced Filter Bag Technology (FBT). Advanced Filter Bag Technology increases filtering surface area which reduces the time needed to filter samples and eliminates the use of vacuum flasks and crucibles. For example, oat bran samples consistently filter in less than two minutes. No technician manipulation is needed during filtering.

Filter Bag TechnologyThe development of the dual compartment filter bag provides state-of-the-art technology to deliver a simple, yet high-tech, solution to automate dietary fiber analysis. Each compartment is designed to support the unique aspects of the method; from enzymatic digestion to precise filtration and SDF precipitation.


ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer

  • Automates AOAC 985.29, 2001.03, & 991.43 (AACC 32.07.01)
  • Upgrade available to support AOAC 2009.01 and 2011.25
  • IDF/SDF and TDF Values
  • Filter Bag Technology
  • Faster, Technician-free Filtering
  • No Clogged Filters
  • 18 Samples - Nine in Duplicate/Day
  • Reduced per Assay Costs
  • Eliminates Water Baths and Filtration Flasks
  • Computer Controlled Operation


 ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer

The ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer creates a new standard for nutritional labeling, quality control, and research. The system allows the user to perform stand-alone IDF, SDF, and TDF analyses. Additionally, the design includes the ability to capture the filtrate for subsequent HPLC analysis.

By automating one of the most tedious analytical methods, the ANKOM analyzer reduces labor and per sample costs, while increasing accuracy and precision. An advanced computer- controlled multichannel pump automates the addition of chemical solutions, enzymes, and rinses. Temperatures and agitation levels are controlled throughout the process, eliminating the need for multiple water baths and freeing up precious lab counter space.

CLICK HERE to Watch a video demonstration of the ANKOM TDF Dietary Fiber Analyzer

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