Fast Gas Chromatograph


Master GC - Fast Gas Chromatograph

The primary goal of Fast GC is to maintain proper resolving power in shorter analysis run times by using appropriate instrumentation and analytical columns in combination with optimized method parameters.

The Master GC can be operated in Fast GC mode without any hardware modification, and hence keeping column integrity unaffected. 

Master GC


The Master GC features a maximum heating rate of up to 140°C/min and cooling time of 4 minutes. It can be equipped with narrow bore Fast GM columns of 50 – 100mm ID to achieve shorter analysis time, without compromising chromatographic resolution. Unparalleled chromatographic accuracy and precision are guaranteed by the patented Digital Flow Control (DFC), which automatically adjusts the carrier gas flow to compensate for ambient temperature and pressure.

A touch screen display permits total control of the Master GC, as well as it autosampler (the Master AS). The system is fully controlled by the CLARITYTM Chromatography Station, starting from sampling to acquisition, data processing, and reporting. In addition, CLARITYTM offers a System Suitability Test (SST), a module designed to validate the chromatography system.


The Master GC can be equipped with up to three (3) injectors and three (3) detectors simultaneously. It also features the possibility to set up two (2) auxiliary temperatures and three (3) auxiliary pressures.


The Master GC can be equipped with an array of inlet systems such as:

  • Split/Splitless Injector
  • Packed Injector
  • Programmable Temperature Vaporizer (PTV)

The Master GC features a wide selection of detectors such as:

  • FID – Flame Ionization Detector
  • ECD – Electron Capture Detector
  • NPD – Nitrogen-Phosphorous Detector
  • PID - Photo Ionization Detector
  • TCD – Thermal Conductivity Detector
  • µTCD - Micro Thermal Conductivity Detector
  • PDD - Pulsed Discharged Detector
  • TOF MS – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer


DANI offers complete solutions, including instrumentation, customized configurations for special applications, supplies, and services, providing specialized Turn-key Analyzers and Total Solutions to meet the most challenging demands.


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