GC Turn-key Analyzers


DANI MASTER GC Turn-key Analyzers are based on the DANI MASTER Gas Chromatograph which hare pre-configured, fully-integrated and completely tailored to meet the requirements and protocols of petrochemical industries. The MASTER GC can be configured from a single gas sampling valve and a packed column to a five-valve three-channel system with multiple columns. Configurations may include:


  • Up to three injectors and three detectors
  • Two auxiliary overs, with different capacities
  • Up to five auxiliary pressures

   DANI MASTER GC with Auxiliary Oven mounted on the side

DANI MASTER GC Turn-key Analyzers are offered for the following applications :

  • Natural Gas Analyzers (NGA)
  • Refinery Gas Analyzers (RGA)
  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers (DHA)
  • Simulated Distillation (SIMDIST) Analyzers
  • Transformer-Oil Gas Analyzers (TOGA)
  • Biodiesel Analyzers

DANI MASTER GC Turn-key Analyzers can be customized to meet the following standards:

  • ASTM D1945 for analysis of Natural Gases
  • ASTM D2163 for analysis of Liquid Petroleum
  • ASTM D6729, ASTM 6730, ASTM 6733 for hydrocarbon analysis
  • ASTM D5134 for analysis of petroleum naphta
  • ASTM D4815 for analysis of Gasoline
  • ASTM D6751 for analysis of Middle Distillated Fuels
  • ASTM D5580 for analysis of finished gasoline
  • UOP 539 for analysis of Refinery Gas
  • ASTM D2421
  • SO 6974
  • SO 6975
  • UOP 539
  • EN 14106
  • EN 14110
  • ASTM D3612
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