Laser Diffraction


Microtrac Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers

The Bluewave, as well as the S3500, are capable of not only complying the ISO 13320-1 standard for particle size analysis using laser diffraction, but exceed the ISO standards. How is this possible? Why are the Bluewave and the S3500 superior to other laser diffraction particle size analyzers?.

 The answer lies in the following features of both the Microtrac Bluewave and the Microtrac S3500:

Microtrac S3500 System

Better Resolution.
The Microtrac Bluewave and the Microtrac S3500 uses lasers, rather than Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as light source. Lasers are superior as they produce coherent light waves, and the light released are concentrated, directional, and monochromatic. That is not all. Both the Microtrac Bluewave as well as the Microtrac S3500 use 3 non-moving solid-state long-life laser diodes (1 Red laser and 2 Blue lasers in the case of the Bluewave, and 3 Red lasers in the case of the Microtrac S3500) to provide a 1° to 165° angle coverage. By increasing the number of light sources and by varying the wavelength of the incident light, this unique patented Tri–laser, multi-wavelength, multi-detector optical system is able to deliver unsurpassed resolution over the entire measuring range of the instrument.

Better Stability.
The optical bench design of the Microtrac Bluewave, as well as the Microtrac S3500, incorporates fixed detectors and lasers, thereby providing a rugged platform for consistently-repeatable measurements. Laser alignment is automatic in both the Microtrac Bluewave as well as the Microtrac S3500.

Better Accuracy.
The Microtrac Bluewave as well as the Microtrac S3500 use Fraunhofer diffraction as well as full Mie compensation for spherical particles. Proprietary Modified Mie calculations are also applied for non-spherical materials, since non-spherical particle constitute the majority of real life materials. This is a feature that unique to the Bluewave as well as the S3500.


Tri Laser Detection


  Tri Laser Technology


The Microtrac S3500 has a measurement range of 0.02 to 2,800 microns. The Microtrac Bluewave, on the other hand, has a measurement range of from 0.01 to 2,000 microns, and is has a higher resolution for particles that are smaller than 1µm.

A range of wet and dry sample delivery systems are also offered to support both Wet and Dry Measurements. Full IQ/OQ/PQ support documentation is available for validation.

  Particle Size Distribution

 High Resolution Particle Size Distribution of a Mixture of 5 Spiked Samples 



What if you also want to measure Particle Shape, in addition to Particle Size?



If you already have the Microtrac Bluewave or the Microtrac S3500, you do not have to buy yet another new instrument just for particle shape analysis. With Microtrac, you simply have to add on the PartAn SI to your existing Bluewave or S3500.



Suspension Image Analyser

The PartAn SI is a photo-optical image analysis module for in-depth analysis of the shape and other geometries of particles in a wet suspension or slurry. It provides morphological information of individual particles.

When you attach the PartAn SI to the Bluewave or the S3500, you would have integrated two popular particle analysis techniques – Laser Diffraction for Size analysis and Dynamic Imaging for Shape analysis – to provide a synergy between the two complimenting data.


Particles in Aerosols and Sprays

And what if you want to determine particle size distribution in Aerosols, Sprays and Dry Powders? The answer lies in the Microtrac Aerotrac SPR, which uses Laser Light Diffraction to determine Particle or Droplet size distributions in the range of 0.5 to 2000 microns.

  Aerotrac Spray Droplet Analyser

Microtrac Aerotrac SPR


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