Particle Charge Analysers

Particle Metrix


Stabino - Automatic Charge Titration System

The Stabino is designed to provide automatic titration of samples to determine the charge potential on the surface of particles for stability studies. The Stabino will automatically generate a charge map to allow users to easily identify parameters of interest such as the IEP and stability zones.

The Stabino can automatically complete the full charge titration analysis within 5 minutes, which is significantly faster and less labour intensive compared to other competing systems (typically in hours).

Stabino for Automated Charge Titration

Charge Titration

• Titration Modes: In fixed volumes or dynamic response to pH or salt concentration

• Titration Steps: 10 – 100 μl

• Particle Size for Charge Titration: 0.3 nm – 300 μm

• Conductivity: 0 – 350 mS/cm

• Sample Volume: 1 or 10 ml


Particle Sizing

• Method: Dynamic Light Scattering

• Size Range: 0.8 nm – 6.5 μm




ZETA-check - Fast Zeta Potential Measurements


The ZETA-check is the world's fastest zeta potential analyser which allows measurements in 2 seconds! In contrast, instruments based on Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS) would typically take a few minutes for a similar measurement and would require specialised cuvettes and information on sample optical parameters. The measured data will be shown on the onboard LED display and can be printed on an optional printer attachment. Up to 1,000 records can be saved and transferred subsequently to a PC. The ZETA-check is a small portable instrument and can be useful for running quick checks on the zeta potential of samples.

The ZETA-check is the fastest zeta potential analyser in the world! Each measurement takes 2 seconds!

ZETA-check for Fast Zeta Potential Measurements


Fast Zeta Potential Measurements

• Particle Size for Zeta Potential Analysis: 0.3 nm – 100 μm

• Conductivity: 0.01 – 350 mS/cm

• Sample Volume: 1 or 10 ml





ZetaView - Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer for Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Concentration

ZetaView for Electrophoresis Video Microscopy

As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing!" The ZetaView is a unique zeta potential video microscope that allows users to study the Brownian Motion and Electrophoretic Mobility of particles from approximately 20 nm and above. The system features Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technology to visualise and track the movment of individual nanoparticles. It provides data on size and zeta potential distribution, as well as count.

The ZetaView can provide the zeta potential distribution of samples, which could be of interest to mixtures of different materials and other bi-modal samples. This provides an indepth understanding of the zeta potential properties of a sample as compared to the typical average zeta potential values given by competing technologies. Data can be obtained away from the sample cell walls to avoid the influence by ionic coatings on the wall, which is always present in ultrafine particles. This allows the true zeta potential values of the sample to be obtained.

In the past, such micro-electrophoresis setups were tedious to work with. The time spent on alignment often exceeded the time spent on analysis. The ZetaView features auto-alignment and auto-focus functions to increase the efficiency of the analysis. The anti-vibration design of the cell enhances video image stability.

The ZetaView can also be supplied with a different wavelength of laser for fluorescent particles. It is the ideal instrument for measuring very low concentration samples, such as Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), to allow the monitoring of aggregation, storage conditions and cellular interactions. Measuring samples at low concentrations (ppm level) are usually very challenging when performed on an instrument based on Dynamic Light Scattering. The ZetaView is best suited for studying the size and zeta potential of such low concentration samples.

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