Dynamic Headspace Sampler (DHS)

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Dynamic Headspace Sampling (DHS)

The Dynamic Headspace Sampling (DHS) technique offers the highest recovery of volatiles and optimal injection, resulting in unmatched sensitivity. Dynamic Headspace Sampling offers up to a 100-fold increase in sensitivity over Static Headspace techniques, and assures detection limits beyond the capability of SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction).

Dynamic Headspace Sampling uses selected sorbent materials and temperature settings, thereby resulting in the efficient concentration of trace level analytes over a wide range of volatility.


 In comparison with traditional solvent extraction techniques, there is no need for solvents when Dynamic Headspace Sampling is used. As there is no need for solvents, the use of Dynamic Headspace Sampling eliminates the health hazards from solvents and avoids any likelihood of introducing impurities from solvents which may mask the peaks of interest. In addition, there are cost savings in not having to purchase solvents and disposal of solvents after use.



Unlike conventional Purge and Trap systems, the DANI MASTER DHS Dynamic Headspace Sampler maximizes productivity through the overlapped sample thermostatting capability, the shorter baking phase, and the use of disposable vials.

The DANI MASTER DHS delivers complete automation. Operating parameters are set and controlled through a touchscreen display for a quick and easy set up.

The DANI MASTER DHS incorporates an innovative Dew Stop device which efficiently removes water regardless of the analytes, maintaining volatile compounds recovery unaffected. For extra convenience, there is a programmable built-in water elimination device in MASTER DHS provides you with the most versatile, state-of-the-art system for headspace analysis. It combines the high sensitivity of the Dynamic Headspace technique with the productivity ease of use, and of a completely automated solution.