Thermal Desorption Sampler (TD)


Thermal Desorption

TheThermal Desorption technique is the ultimate solution for the extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from air and solid matrices

Thermal Desorption offers a higher recovery of volatiles, when compared with liquid extraction, the higher recovery of the volatiles. The technique offers an outstanding increase of sensitivity (up to 1,000 to 1,000 times) and their optimal injection.

In comparison with traditional solvent extraction techniques, there is no need for solvents when Thermal Desorption is used. As there is no need for solvents, the use of Thermal Desorption eliminates the health hazards from solvents, and avoids any likelihood of introducing impurities from solvents which may mask the peaks of interest. In addition, there are cost savings in not having to purchase solvents and disposal of solvents after use.

           DANI MASTER TD with MASTER Gas Chromatograph

The DANI MASTER TD Thermal Desorber operates on a two-stage thermal desorption process and is supported by the patented “Instant Desorption” of the trap. The electrical cooling trap is able to cool down to 40°C, at a very fast rate, without the use of cryongenic liquid, and without the risk of ice formation. It offers a superior desorption efficiency (over 95% recovery of all volatile compounds).

A built-in Dry-Step function, allows the programming of time and temperature. This Dry-Step function removes water from the tube prior to desorption.

The DANI MASTER TD uses standard size stainless steel, glass, and coated steel reusable tubes (all ¼-inch X 3.5 inches length), and also canisters and bags.

The MASTER TD allows unattended runs of up to 50 tubes sequentially. To avoid sample loss, each desorption process is preceded by an automated tube leak test. Failed tubes return to the carousel and their number is stored in a Log file.

The DANI MASTER TD meets and exceeds specifications given in the U.S> EPA (TO-14, TO-15, and TO-17) as well as other international regulations.

                  DANI MASTER TD with MASTER Air Sampler

The DANI MASTER Air Sampler, coupled with the MASTER TD Thermal Desorber, is a perfect solution for online and off-line monitoring of volatile compounds at trace concentrations. The DANI MASTER Air Sampler provides automatic sampling (up to 10 lines) of gaseous samples from ambient gas streams, sampling bags or canisters, directly into the focusing trap of the DANI MASTER TD Thermal Desorber. The MASTER Air Sampler is compliant with EPA TO14-TO15 canister-sampling methods to keep pace with EPA regulations regarding Ambient Air Quality.

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